My Motorola Atrix is almost as powerful as my daily laptop.   And with display that’s 540×960, it could be my laptop!

Motorola although Palm started it with their Folio product. The Atrix is a paradigm shift in computing as is was the tablet.

I truly think the future of all your computing power will be in your cellphone and everything else will be dumb input terminals and in the cloud.

If you really think about it. You can’t live without your cellphone..period. Not only can it help you in a bind with gps/911 it can access everything in the cloud and local.

So my prediction although Intel won’t like it is your cellphone will be the Central Processing Unit and the memory. Your desktop/laptop/tablet and even your TV will be nothing more than an input: gesture/keyboard/mouse/stylus and output : display

Ironically.. the old mainframes and dumb terminal paradigm is coming back.

So how kewl would that be? you simply either plugin your cellphone to a laptop shell or desktop shell or wirelessly interact with a piece of glass as your tablet as a larger display for your cellphone.

Imagine a large glass display on a wall where when you approach it, it becomes your interactive input/output device.  Basically your cellphone extending it’s capabilities to use the larger display as  the input/output.

I need a billion dollars so I can start on this ASAP!!!!

So who got a billion dollars to loan me? :)

-Brain fart from a Nurd.