Me thinks the Kindle Fire is targeted to women.. not men. 7″ is ideal purse size, its primary function is still a eReader but now can do video too. web/email is ancillary to its eReader function. Smart. A 7″ Kindle Fire that can do cartoon playback, games and small for a child to manage.

So perfectly targeted.. Women, Mother+child device.

So in Summary I think the Kindle Fire 7″ incher is:

  1. device targeted to women/Mother w/ kids
  2. Primary function is simple games, videos and eReader.
  3. Purse size.
  4. No need for GPS <– on your Smartphone.
  5. No 3G <– 3G not enough bandwidth for EC3 need 4G/LTE
  6. No need for camera <– take via smartphone.
  7. iPad too big for Mothers to carry
  8. 7" perfect for child device
  9. One evolutionary step up from current Kindle
  10. Daddy on iPad while child on 7" kindle Fire mimicking Dad.

It’s also obvious they took note from B&N’s Nook Color Reader because the above 10 points are pretty much how the Nook is used.

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