If you’re a nurd.. no doubt Android is your baby but even a nurd might want the iPhone too…

Here’s objective description between the two platforms:

iPhone Android
Useability Extremely, even your Grandma could use it and they do.From one iPhone generation to another now on 4.  The icons and basic functionality are exactly the same. Mostly, You have to configure it to make it useable for you.From one Android version to another, the changes can be drastic where you may have to relearn and reconfigure to custom your phone.
Fun Absolutely.  Mom uses it to keep their kids quiet. Not Very, no way with one accidently push of a push you could wipe out everything.  Not kid friendly at all.
Productivity Mostly, Do to Apple wanting to keep things simple.  App have minimal of functions but they are what you mostly want in an app so one can be productive on an iPhone. Mostly, Although more configurable, apps can be more capable. They can be confusing with too many configurable aspect on a tiny mobile device.   Better design of apps could help however, more capable than Apple due to greater flexiability.
Configurability Minimal, Keeping it simple, configuration possibilities are minimal but mostly what you want to configure.  Noise cut down to minimal with most functions none existent. Mostly, Most apps comes with a wealth of configurability and capability.   Nice to have and out of view but there if needed.  Android wins this.
Case Quality Great, case is solid and just enough weight to feel like it’s quality. Minimal, like an average cellpohone.  Does not feel as solid as the iPhone mostly due to being able to replace battery and add microSD cards.  Those attributes makes for more feable less solid feeling case.

Conclusion: If you’re a nûrd, you can use either one but there is a difference.  If iPhone then it is 90% smartphone and 10% tinker toy but if Android then it’s 30% smartphone but 70% tinker toy.

Android has a bigger nûrd community and Google encourages out of box thinking.    Apple has more hierarchical structure and needs approval.

Why are android phones more popular?  Cost and availability is the simple reasons.  It’s all economics and availability.

However, asof Aug 2011, almost all the carriers will be carrying the iPhone and some will even sell the iPhone for “$0” with contract of course.  This will change the balance of it all.. back to iPhone.

To put it quite simply the retention rate (i.e. will buy same maker when replacing their old, old iPhone for new iPhone etc… ) for iPhone is 97% versus Android’s retention rate is only 47%.   Meaning 97% of  individuals whom had iPhones and are looking to replace them will get another iPhone at a rate of 97%.

-Robert “Resident Nurdologist