Tablets and iPads are all the rage but do you really need one or just want one?  And what are they really good for?

Tablets and iPads alike are mostly good for consuming.  Meaning you get search, acquire, consume information/media than you would if you’re on a computer like laptop/desktop etc.

Recent charts have shown the heaviest usage of iPads and tablets alike happen in early mornings and early evenings with the bulk of the usage in the evenings.  Obviously those are ideal times to check on news, stock, social network streams, update your social network streams, etc.. but mostly where you again "consume" information and media rather than inputting.

Inputting: Desktop/Laptop/Notebooks


Consuming: Tablets / iPads



Just like Steve Jobs is doing here.  Lounging in a very relaxed position surfing the web and consuming…

While people on desktops, laptops and notebooks do more inputing than consuming…

Yes can type on the tablet/iPad but not practical not to mention no mouse and by then adding the keyboard and mouse you have a laptop.  However not with the full features of a complete Operating System.  The OS on tablets/iPad are designed again to be informative, to be consumed where visual and readability is paramount.  On a notebook, input versatility is paramount ie. keyboard, mouse, scanner, fax, printer, usb devices etc…

There are good uses for tablets and iPad in business, personal and educational. 

A manager/reviewer would use the tablet to review and approve which doesn’t take much if any input.  Inversely someone who created the document, input the data, manipulated it then made it presentable which all takes multitudes of input from keyboard, mouse, scanner then submitted for consumption. 

In personal use is perfect example of consuming.  Where you would spend 100% of the time browsing/viewing videos with very little to no inputting.  Another prime example are eBooks.

In education, students would consume educational material. A great consuming environment with interactivity and eBooks.

In Conclusion: So without a doubt tablets such as Android tablets and Apple’s iPad are now fulfilling uses where there was a void.    It will forever change the way we interface with computing devices.

Yes, you do need a tablet.  Go get one!

But before you do read the article about which one to choose since they all are not built the same.

Resident Nurdologist,