While more and more websites are becoming more mobile friendly with mobile
version of their sites.  Most are lacking due to extreme limitations of display size and since we don’t normally surf in mobile mode on our desktops.  It can be very frustrating to say the least when trying to browser a site you’re familiar with on the desktop on your mobile phone.  

And to compound the problem, on your very capable smartphone, there is no way using the default browser to view the website in any other way… until now.

There is a great alternative FREE browser for the Android called: 
Dolphin Browser HD
  (donate using their
: $4.99 <– well worth the price and more).

This is what NYTimes.com looks like when viewed from default browser:

But with Dolphin BrowserHD and a small change in the settings.  NYTimes can look exactly like how you see it on your desktop!

Small yes but everything can be pinch and zoom however, the important thing is everything is there!

Ok so how do I do this?

Step #1: Get the Dolphin BrowserHD from Android Marketplace…


Step #2: open it and make changes to the Setting ->

First goto NYTimes.com to see the mobile version:

Then launch the option button on your phone to open the More Options

Select More

Goto Settings

Select Dolphin Settings

Select User Agent

Select Desktop then get back to browser screen and refresh the page using the
Reload icon upper right corner.  And this is what you should now see:

In Conclusion: If you want or need to see pages in mobile mode, you
can either launch the default Android browser or go change the settings back to
Android Default.