People just don’t realize how big 1GigaByte really is yet alone you typically now get 500GB  HDD on your laptop.

My Hoarding Folder


With that much space, and with such easy access to everything via the web.  It’s easy to hoard everything from downloaded applications to webpages to pictures, videos and worse duplicated junk because you didn’t know you’ve already downloaded it.

You must have restraint, organize and do daily housekeeping.

Like anybody whom likes to keep a clean house.  You need to be just as diligent with your data/documents/pictures/videos/pdf’s etc…

You really need to ask yourself, do I really need it?   And if you do download and either use it once or don’t even launch it for days/weeks.   Then it’s obvious you don’t need it and if you do.  It’ll be there or better, there maybe a faster/better/less buggy version.   Patience is a virtue especially when it comes to the web.

But why not have everything just incase….  Well here are some things to note if you do “hoard”

  • Your backups will be a nitemare.
  • You’ll need more and more HDD space and your backups will be a nitemare.
  • You’ll never find anything with any speed.   You know or think you have it to only spend hours looking and not finding it and your backups will be a nitemare.
  • You’ll find you have duplicates you think.  Then you delete only to find out there weren’t duplicates and you’ve deleted the updated one and your backups will be a nitemare.
Bottomline is you need you make your computer work for you not  against you by making your life more difficult and complicated.
You hoard and you will make your life more cumbersome.