Here is a list you should keep in mind when choosing your phone:

  1. Make sure the manufacture will or has provided OTA (OverTheAir) firmware updates. Ensuring you’ll get the latest and most secure Android OS and apps.
  2. People are slowly replacing phone cameras for their regular digital cameras. Mostly for convenience but comes at a price. The price is quality of photos. Dedicated digital cameras, even the cheap is still better than most cellphone cameras. So making this a top priority when choosing your cellphone is key.
    1. More megapixel the better
    2. Fast camera launch is a must have since most of your pictures will be spontaneous.
    3. Builtin stabilizing capability would be nice to have.
    4. Lower lux capable like down to 4 is fantastic since most pictures are taking indoors or at night.
    5. Being able to geotag ie GPS information embedded is no longer nice but should have.
    6. availability of quality of post editing camera/picture apps
    7. consider also a dual cameras front and back facing for video conferencing.
  3. Fastest as in LTE or 4G or HSPA+ isn’t always the best. Yes all that speed is nice but for 95% of time. You don’t need it. The idea of a mobile is to be mobile and not a desktop replacement where you download 500MB files. However if you have a need to tether and tether often. This will be the selling point for you.
  4. Most phones have wifi. You need this because at home or at a hotspot. You can’t beat wifi, especially at home. Besides why would you want to eat up all your transfer limit allotment over cellular?
  5. Battery life. This is critical. The fastest bestest phone will kill your battery in matter of hours. Either you learn howto diligently manage your battery or make this a mission critical point. Also look for how cheap extra adapters, cables, and extended batteries are. Over time, you’ll soon learn battery life will be your worst adversary.