Specifically for personal use.

For 1. it takes you saying something.  Ever try talking to a computer in public?  “Customer Service” .. “Cusssstooomer Serrrrrvice!!!!

Yea.. don’t work.

However at home privately, heck yea.  I could easily use speech recognition for things like browser where one would say, “Back” to got back or copy/paste functions.  There are few functions which we all use with keyboard shortcuts will soon become speech shortcuts.

Here are some commands I could see myself using:

  1. Browser: Back, New Tab, Bookmark
  2. PC: Desktop, Minimize, Launch Browser, Goto Bookmark, dictation
  3. Home Automation: Lights, Fans, Security Camera, Volume, Channel up/down, mute
At home, I can see many uses because it’s quiet, private and you can’t embarrass yourself.  At work, not, all the noise, embarrassment of speaking to a machine and making mistakes… can’t see it happening.
However one place I CAN see that happening would be in a meeting where a machine could be used to recognize and convert speech to text for minutes would be awesome!