Simplest of endeavors can sometimes be the hardest, strangely enough.  The procedure outlined here is the same for all other Bluetooth Keyboard pairing.   In the case of Think Outside keyboard, steps are important to be followed their order for the pairing to work.

Once a heralded keyboard manufacture for Palm devices now relegated to oblivion by iPhones and Android created one of the best bluetooth keyboard.   However, works fantastic with any phones devices that adheres to BT standard including all of Apple products such as iPads, iPods and iPhones all generations. 

Android being the most fickle of the bunch can be paired but you should probably have Android OS of 2.3.x at least if not minimally 2.2 (You can find out your Android version by going to Settings->About) .   Google’s Android has many bluetooth issues but pairing is possible if you follow a set of specific steps.

Here are the basic steps for pairing the original  iGo’s Think Outside Keyboard but this procedure will work for most bluetooth keyboard.  Follow the steps in their specific order is very important and expeditiously as well as you have only small window of opportunity to pair.

  1. On the Bluetooth Keyboard: Turn it on.   In the case of the iGo’s you just open it.   There should be a flashing green light right above the letter "T"
  2. On the phone: Turn on/enable the Bluetooth on your Android phone or iPhone.
  3. On the Bluetooth Keyboard: Activate the pairing.   In the case of iGo’s Bluetooth keyboard you press these three keys simultaneously: Ctrl+(blue)Fn+(green)Fn.  The green light above the letter "T" will now start flashing rapidly.
  4. On the phone: Initiate scan by pressing "Scan for Devices"
  5. On the phone: You should see the bluetooth keyboard as a device: "Think Outside Keyboard"
  6. On the phone, press that device to start the pairing.
  7. On the phone: A dialog should pop up for you to enter digits.  At this point what the digits are, are not relevant.  It can be any but for simplicity press: "0000"
  8. On the Bluetooth Keyboard: Press slowly the same digits: "0000" then either enter or on the Think Outside Keyboard you must have the (blue)Fn key + Enter at the sametime and not just enter.
  9. On the phone: You should now see "Connected to HID" or Connected to the bluetooth keyboard

You’ve now paired them.  You shouldn’t have to pair them any more.  Whenever the Bluetooth on the phone and the keyboard is turn on.  They will find each other, can take few minutes.   You can accelerate the process by pressing some benign key like ESC or SHIFT to ensure you don’t launch anything by pressing to initiate.

In Conclusion: This is very handy to have for impromptu novel writing itch when you don’t have your laptop to be able to spit one out using your tablet or even your phone!  I have mine always in my car just incase I have that itch!

Resident Nurdologist,