Setting up a Secure Home Network.

This howto article will start from putting together a basic, quickly up and running then to more sophisticated traffic routing and isolating networks. In all you need : Cable internet service or telephone DSL internet. Modem (Cable or DSL) Router <– not neccessary…

Why iPhone is Emotional and Android is so Robotic?

Stats show and tell it all.  CNN Study shows that 94% of all iPhone users will buy another iPhone while only 47% of the Android phone users. I personally think the connection is emotional with the iPhone while pardon the pun but robotic…

How to backup your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail type services.


How can I Safely use Public Wifi?

Public wifi is a blessing in disguise. Great to have it but then you are an open book. Thankfully, most high profile wifi like Starbucks, McDonalds, Panera etc have some level of protection for consumers.   Unlike your home network where one can…

Setting up your New Android Phone.

Got yourself a new Android phone.  Now what?

How to Score a HP Touchpad.

UPDATE 5:13pm 9.01 PST: HP decided to actually manufacture more?! WHAT? UPDATE 2:54pm 8.27 PST: Bestbuy will have them in stock Monday!! UPDATE 6:54pm 8.22 PST: available for order if not now very soon!! HP is on a firesale for $99.  Now THAT is a…

How can I Protect My Children from the Web?

WildWildWord of Tech Acronyms

0–9 #!—Shebang /.—Slashdot 1GL—First-Generation Programming Language 1NF—First Normal Form 10B2—10BASE-2 10B5—10BASE-5 10B-F—10BASE-F 10B-FB—10BASE-FB 10B-FL—10BASE-FL 10B-FP—10BASE-FP 10B-T—10BASE-T 100B-FX—100BASE-FX 100B-T—100BASE-T 100B-TX—100BASE-TX 100BVG—100BASE-VG 286—Intel 80286 processor 2B1Q—2 Binary 1 Quaternary 2FA—Two-factor authentication 2GL—Second-Generation Programming Language 2NF—Second Normal Form 3GL—Third-Generation Programming Language 3GPP—3rd Generation Partnership Project—’3G comms…

Cenava P14 Apollo Lake Laptop with a 512GB SSD

Most Intel Apollo Lake laptops come with just 32 or 64GB SSD or eMMC flash storage, and if you need much more storage we previously covered DERE A3 Air laptop with an Intel J3455 processor, 64GB eMMC flash, and a 512GB hard drive.…

How can I Dowload Youtube Videos?