Dimensions of Various Smartphones, Tablets and iPads.

It’s minor but still important to compare sizes of the devices you maybe considering. Remember that even little differences particularly in weight can have an effect when you’re holding it or carrying it!

How are Websites made?

Question with a million answers but it’s simple really. Ingenious actually. With tiny bit of what’s called HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language you can make a webpage! For instance here are three simplest examples: To make text look bold the HTML is:…

Setting up a Secure Home Network.

This howto article will start from putting together a basic, quickly up and running then to more sophisticated traffic routing and isolating networks. In all you need : Cable internet service or telephone DSL internet. Modem (Cable or DSL) Router <– not neccessary…

How do I Use a Thumb Drive?

How can I have Multiple Monitors?

Is a Presence on Facebook or Google G+ necessary?


Which is the Best Webcam?


Cenava P14 Apollo Lake Laptop with a 512GB SSD

Most Intel Apollo Lake laptops come with just 32 or 64GB SSD or eMMC flash storage, and if you need much more storage we previously covered DERE A3 Air laptop with an Intel J3455 processor, 64GB eMMC flash, and a 512GB hard drive.…

How Does a Browser work?

Here is an over the top explanation you may never fully understand… How Browsers Work    

What’s Remote Desktop? VNC?