How can I Watch and Listen to my Media around the House?

Setting up a Complete Home Network.


How can I Protect My Children from the Web?

Do I Need a Tablet or an iPad?

Tablets are all the rage nowadays and rightfully so.   Computing devices have evolved nicely from big desktops to laptops to smartphone then realized smartphones are too small thus the tablet/iPad. *From here on out the word: Tablet will encompass Apple’s iPad as well.…

What’s the Difference between a Router, Switch and a Hub?

The difference is in how it directs the network data traffic. The worst and the slowest because it blasts everyone is the hub.  It’s sole purpose in life is to spread everything everywhere. However the router and a switch are more precise in…

How can I Protect my Computer from Virus.

Best prevention needs to start from a clean state but can apply protection to an existing system.   However, protection is no good if you’re already infected without first getting rid of the infection.  We will address both scenarios. Here are your two lines…

Speech Recognition for Personal Productivity.

Specifically for personal use. For 1. it takes you saying something.  Ever try talking to a computer in public?  “Customer Service” .. “Cusssstooomer Serrrrrvice!!!!” Yea.. don’t work. However at home privately, heck yea.  I could easily use speech recognition for things like browser…

How do I Setup a Home Security System?


What causes insomnia?

by Dan Kwartler

How to setup your own website.

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