UPDATE 5:13pm 9.01 PST: HP decided to actually manufacture more?! WHAT?
UPDATE 2:54pm 8.27 PST: Bestbuy will have them in stock Monday!!
UPDATE 6:54pm 8.22 PST: available for order if not now very soon!!

HP is on a firesale for $99.  Now THAT is a killer price.

But how to score one?  All retail outlets are out…period so don’t even bother checking.  However you can get notified of when by an actual HP rep:

They’ve put up a notification of when in stock site here:


Ok. But still there is another way… patience.

The demand is high now all driven by capitalists.   If you wait few days or a week.  All the hip will soon be doused and should be able to get it at a reasonable price.

So be patient, check eBay and Craigslist.

In CA the price of a $99 tablet will be with tax and recycle fee is $125.   So if you can be patient there will be a glut of them for around that price.