This howto article will start from putting together a basic, quickly up and running then to more sophisticated traffic routing and isolating networks.

In all you need :

  • Cable internet service or telephone DSL internet.
  • Modem (Cable or DSL)
  • Router <– not neccessary if only one PC.
  • CAT5e cable for all PC’s or NAS storage required to be on a wired network.

Let’s get Started…..

Step #1:
You need to acquire internet service from one of these 3 vendors to your house:
  • If you have landline telephone service OR
  • If you have digital Cable TV  OR
  • Fibre optic service like Verizon’s FIOS

Step #2:
Once you have the service requested.  The next step is to get the  appropriate modem whether its DSL modem or Digital Cable modem.
They can be provided by your ISP (aka CableTV or Telephone services) at a monthly rental cost or you can buy it outright at retail.   Recommend to get retail / online.  Much cheaper than renting.

Step #3:
For sake of getting on the web making sure your internet service is working.   Recommend connecting your modem directly to your PC via enthernet CAT5e cable.


You can check your connection by looking at your network settings:


and also by opening up a DOS box..

Start -> Run then type in: cmd and return


Step #4
Now we should put a router between the modem and the computer.   Even if you only have one PC a router now-a-days do more than just route.  They actually provide some level security and control over your network.  Unless you want to only have one PC and you physically disconnect the modem every time you don’t use it which would be the ultimate in being secure but not practical for 99% of the people.  Mainly because most have more than one device like printers, NAS or mobile devices like iPhone and iPads.

Routers are cheap.   You can get one usually for around $30-50 that can do wifi and provide decent level of security with a firewall.   Adds a level of complicity but  1. you kinda need it.   2. adds security.   I’ts a win win.



Now expandable you are….