When starting a blog.  You need to consider the following:

  • Do you have the time?
  • Who’s your audience?
  • Where are your audience?
  • What subject or genre?
  • Have the tenacity and committment?
  • How to enrich the lives with your content?

Starting a blog is easy but building up the reputation and showing your passion will be tested as time goes on.
Most 99% of the blogs all start as a personal journal thinking people maybe interested in what you’re doing or reporting on.  And in 98% of cases, most won’t be interested.   90% of tweets are ads.

What people are looking for isn’t a replica of their own lives but lives, ideology, creativity, imagination beyond theirs.
Consider a movie, would you go to a movie based on either just the title or actor’s name if you haven’t heard of neither one?  Probably not.  And this is true for blogs.

Extrapolating on the key bullet points I’ve listed above in this order before you consider starting……

Do you have the time?
You need to put aside at least 2-4hrs a day minimally for your blog.  You need to not only research your thoughts but once you’ve written what you wanted to write.  You need to double check for accuracy and if it’s legible.   In reality, you’ll be “blogging” in your head all day everyday because it’s your passion.  Right?   Bottomline, you need to have the energy, the tenacity and the commitment as if your life depended on it.

What is your subject or genre?
This is important.  In the beginning you start with a single subject but once you start,  you will soon realize it’s impossible to keep it one subject.    This becomes problematic for both you and your audience.   First for you because if one subject can take 2-4hrs a day, what will 4-10 different subjects take?  Second, your audience may get lost in your “translation, your message your thoughts.

Who will be your audience?
Yes there are over 2Billion people on the web everyday and all you want is 1% of that.   So can you really whittle that down to that 1%?   Male 15-45, at least HS education, single & married, IT field, access to web, disposal income of $35K+, English speaking/reading/writing, etc…    I guess so.
So not only do you need to know who you are writing to but where they are and how they may use the information.
You need to have consumers whom consume the information from the site but having engagement where people leave comments and engage with others makes for that repeatability you need to sustain your site.

Do you know where to find your audience?
Ok so you know who you want to target.   Now where are they?   Well, this is the tough part.  We all heard of viral where it spreads like fire but truthfully.  That’s one in a million and you better be ready if you do but again.. you might as well consider winning the lottery for your next paycheck.
Actually it’s quite simple..you have to ask yourself where and how can you be enticed to come to your site.   Because you’re writing about things important to you which means most of your audience will patron the all the similar sites you do.   The best you can do is get your site ready to entice and then start making your mark on those site you patron by commenting on articles.   If you write something interesting, thought provoking, people will come but do write to provoke.  Again just think you and what would make you reading through comments click on someone’s link?

What additional value add will you offer besides the content?
Reading posts you wrote then what?  Don’t let them go!  Provide engagement with forums, comment features or even maybe allowing to post.

In Conclusion:
Starting a blog is much like starting a business.   The more effort  you put into it, efforts in brand awareness and engaging content and you got yourself a winner.

– Robert “Resident Nurdologist