There is nothing wrong being a Nurd / Nerd / Geek.   The past is the past and it was wrong about Nurds.  We’ve created a better world all the while growing up ostracized.


It is a new millennium.  Nurds have created the microwave, cellphones, TV’s, satellites, transistors, computers, iPhones.   Imagine a world where none of these things exist.

Nurds will keep innovating and producing a future we all look forward.   We will do it with passion, knowledge and willingness to share it all.   Countless number of good Samaritans in the millions whom all work hard to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.   All without asking for anything in return other than to share and pass it on.

Altruism at it’s best.


I grew up being called a Nurd and hated it.

Every summer, I would be at the library reading books no one has checked out since the 60’s.  Eventually, the library just told me to keep them.      I read everything from biographies on Walt Disney to Einstein to Electricity Engineering and Chemistry.   And eventually running out of subject to read I moved onto Encyclopedias.

In 7th grade, I’ve discovered the electromagnetic device.  Built morse code generator between me and my brother’s so we could talk to each other.

In 8th grade, I’ve built a Tesla Coil to produce a million volt lightning storm in my parent’s garage.  Sucking all the elecricity from the neighborhood as it goes dim every time I fired up my monster.

In 9th grade, I created a robot.

In 10th grade, I made a HeNe laser.

In 11th grade, discovered the personal computer wrote a 3D plotting program to generate 3D objects that can rotate and move within a 3D environment.  All in 8KiloByte of memory.  I won awards at the State Science Fair in Math and Science.

In 12th grade, put together the town’s first ever computer show with all three of my computers.   Made the front page of the local paper.. in a small midwestern town of 10,000 people.  Amazed they were.

In College, I was already building electronic projects that the seniors where creating and I was writing code that our mainframes didn’t allocate enough memory for.   Bored, aimless and stuck in midwest with the only computers in the entire state.   I went to one place on Earth I called heaven: Sunnyvale, CA.   I ordered all of my electronics from Halted Electronics literally one resistor at a time.  Writing out checks for $0.25 with $1.50 in postage.

I wanted to help raise the next generation of Nurds with the hopes that they will build things with passion towards helping others and making the world a better place rather than my bank account is bigger than yours.