if you have things that are on all the time that needs the network i.e. IP security cameras or a file server.

Then you should.

Also if you have a lot of people on it like 4 or more.

For both security and for spreading out the congestion.

Router’s capabilities can be basically determined by their price.  If you bought a $30 router, then you’ve basically bought the Yugo of routers.  It can get you to A to B but how fast, how well, how confidently is in question.   However buying the most expensive router isn’t the answer either.  You could go out and buy yourself a Cisco $25,000 router but that doesn’t guarantee you’re getting what you need.

Best to start with one then as your devices multiply it becomes obvious you’ll start to notice sluggishness and frequent disconnect, basically issues surrounding an over burdened router.

Setting up a multiple router isn’t too bad but you do have to plan it out.

Here are some consideration when planning it:

  1. All high priority devices onto a single router.
  2. All high bandwidth but low priority together on one router.
  3. Cluster your devices per router based on location.
  4. Make sure all the routers are on their own channels every odd or even #’s.
  5. Make it easier by having all the routers exactly the same.
  6. Each router will need their own IP address so make sure they are reserved at the lowest end:>
  7. Allocate IP’s (i.e. not DHCP)  for specific types of devices.  All printers are between     All NAS storage are  Allocate specific IP’s for wired/CAT5 connected computers that are always on or need to be accessed or needing priorities like your own personal computer.  Not a good idea to allocate reserved IP for wireless PC’s.

So as you can see you are literally putting together an Entreprise level network but at a micro scale.   No one says it’s easy.

In Conclusion:  You will have to play IT and do it all yourself.  If you don’t and have it done by someone else and problems arise.   You wouldn’t be in the best position to know what/where/how on getting it resolved.

This is why this site was put together… to empower everyday individual with knowledge that == power to control.

Feel that weight on your shoulders? ;-)