The days of desktop computers are over.

The only reason why anyone now would need a desktop is if they need that extra horsepower or have great demand on external peripherals.  Or want to save a few dollars.  But little do they know those small savings will be eaten up very quickly and thensome by the extra electricity desktop will use over laptops.

Here are some highlight of Pro’s Con’s:

Desktop Laptop
Cost avg: $300 avg: $500
Expandibility absolutely limited to USB
Electricity Consumption desktop+monitoravg: 400watts avg: 65watts
Mobility None absolute
Space entire desk size of a large book

So you kinda have to ask yourself why would you need a desktop?  Not to mention if electricity ever went out.  With the laptop, you still have power for another 3-10hrs depending on your laptop’s capability.  Whereby desktop you could lose your machine to voltage spike during the blackout unless you have a UPS but that will only give you 10-15 minutes at best.

One other consideration… incase of a fire.. a laptop would be heck of a lot easier to carry than a desktop?