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Attacking Private Networks from the Internet with DNS Rebinding

TL;DR Following the wrong link could allow remote attackers to control your WiFi router, Google Home, Roku, Sonos speakers, home thermostats and more. The home WiFi network is a sacred place; your own local neighborhood of cyberspace. There we connect our phones, laptops,…

Android’s malware problem is growing exponentially

*Android’s malware problem is growing exponentially* I *strongly* recommend you add at least these two fantastic malware/virus protection to your android phone. It works extremely well with no adverse affect in phone’s functionality: These are links for Android Market Lookout*

How to Stay Private from the Internet.

You can do anything from making millions BILLIONS of dollars to finding your soulmate on the web.  How you use it depends on how involved you want to be with modern society. You can have it all but not be all out there…

Just Give Me the Right to Be Forgotten

By NATASHA SINGER / NYTimes – Published: August 20, 2011 THE marketing pitch came by e-mail: Would you like to make an appointment with your dentist to have your teeth cleaned? And while you’re at it, how about recommending him to a friend,…

How can I Safely use Public Wifi?

Public wifi is a blessing in disguise. Great to have it but then you are an open book. Thankfully, most high profile wifi like Starbucks, McDonalds, Panera etc have some level of protection for consumers.   Unlike your home network where one can…

How can I Protect my Computer from Virus.

Best prevention needs to start from a clean state but can apply protection to an existing system.   However, protection is no good if you’re already infected without first getting rid of the infection.  We will address both scenarios. Here are your two lines…

How to Connect to Google’s Wifi Secure. To connect to GoogleWiFiSecure, create a new network connections profile with the following settings: SSID: GoogleWiFiSecure (case-sensitive) WPA/WPA2 – Enterprise EAP type: EAP-PEAP or EAP-TTLS Encryption method: AES (preferred) or TKIP Authentication Protocol: MS-CHAP-V2 or CHAP Trusted Server Name for Authentication:

How can I Automate my Home?

Yes? I mean seriously.. how?

How can I Protect My Children from the Web?

How can I Encrypt my Files?