An average person has over 35,000 pictures since the dawn of the digital camera.

Wasn’t a problem when it was only few hundreds the last time you looked at it but now.. it’s 35,000!!!   What to do!!

Several ways to organize your documents.

But first and foremost is organize it in such a way to make backups easy and also to secure your personal files.    Actually quite simple really.

Microsoft and Apple’s OS already accommodates this thinking and has a single top level folder called My Documents.

Making backups of your files easy by copying one folder.

As for your pictures, the best way to organize is to label your folders in a manner that is in numeric order by how the OS lists it.

For example you want to name your folder like this:

So a folder full of pictures taken all at or around the same time in Aug 12, 2011 should have a folder called: 2011.08.12_FunAtTheBeach

Now that folder if you were to list it by name would come numerically correct with the year then the month then the day in that order.