How can I Safely use Public Wifi?

Public wifi is a blessing in disguise. Great to have it but then you are an open book. Thankfully, most high profile wifi like Starbucks, McDonalds, Panera etc have some level of protection for consumers.   Unlike your home network where one can…

How to Watch Popular TV Shows for Free.

Glycemic Index for Sweeteners

The glycemic index for sweeteners is a function of three things: The amount of carbohydrate present.  The type of carbohydrate present.  The presence of other substances (soluble fiber for example) that slow metabolism of carbohydrates.   Glucose has a glycemic index (GI) of 100…

Stirling engine demonstration

This is an examplary example of a sterling engine at work:   Stirling engine example.. awesome    

How can I Dowload Youtube Videos?


How they made Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Every summer, Hollywood goes big. Big stars. Big budgets and huge visual effects. This summer’s technology is more spectacular than ever. We went behind the scenes to see how magic is made in 2018. How to make a dinosaur,  by David Vickery, VFX…

How to sell yourself in 30 seconds and leave people wanting more

The elevator pitch can be harder than it seems. Selling yourself quickly and efficiently is key when you meet someone new. But crafting and delivering a solid elevator pitch can be harder than it seems. We asked marketing strategist Dorie Clark for her…

Caffeine from four cups of coffee protects the heart with the help of mitochondria

Date: June 21, 2018 Source: PLOS Summary: A new study shows that a caffeine concentration equivalent to four cups of coffee promotes the movement of a regulatory protein into mitochondria, enhancing their function and protecting cardiovascular cells from damage.

How to Know when Buying Used if it’s a Good Deal?

One Man’s Garbage is Another Man’s Treasure. And with devices, you have no idea how true that is. But hey, let’s be honest, we’re all buying used gadgets because it’s cheaper! So how to tell if you’re getting the best deal. Here are…

Do I Need a Tablet or an iPad?

Tablets are all the rage nowadays and rightfully so.   Computing devices have evolved nicely from big desktops to laptops to smartphone then realized smartphones are too small thus the tablet/iPad. *From here on out the word: Tablet will encompass Apple’s iPad as well.…