How can I have Multiple Monitors?

Stirling engine demonstration

This is an examplary example of a sterling engine at work:   Stirling engine example.. awesome    

What’s the difference between in Memory Cards?


Setting up your New Android Phone.

Got yourself a new Android phone.  Now what?

How to Stay Private from the Internet.

You can do anything from making millions BILLIONS of dollars to finding your soulmate on the web.  How you use it depends on how involved you want to be with modern society. You can have it all but not be all out there…

How does One make Money Blogging?

When starting a blog.  You need to consider the following: Do you have the time? Who’s your audience? Where are your audience? What subject or genre? Have the tenacity and committment? How to enrich the lives with your content? Starting a blog is…

Upload speeds of 3G, 4G, LTE and HSPA

Of course everything depends on how good your connection is.  If you have a decent 3-4 bars out of 5, you’re in a good spot.   Stand still Don’t move!! So once you have a decent connection how long does images take to upload…

Daily fasting works for weight loss, finds report on 16:8 diet

Daily fasting is an effective tool to reduce weight and lower blood pressure, according to a new study published by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers in the journal Nutrition and Healthy Aging. The study is the first to examine the effect of time-restricted…

Rude Behavior Can Spread Like a Virus

Rude co-workers don’t just affect everyone at the office — they also have a broader impact on their community through a ripple effect that can even travel to other businesses. That’s the finding of new research from Baylor University, which suggests that stress…

Differences Between Android Tablets?

There are a million different Android based tablets from 4" to soon to be coming 14" or greater?  Really? But just as there are different sizes there are just as many in differences between them in function, quality and more importantly price!  So…