Must Watch Movies for Entrepreneurs.

Must see movies for Entrepreneurs! There are some movies that seem to convey how an Entrepreneur is “born” or discovered.   Here’s a short list of movies currently out on DVD’s you can watch, learn and most of all.. get inspired!! One set are…

What is the difference between 3G, 4G and LTE?

HSPA LTE CDMA WiMAX…huh? There is so much confusion on cellular network, generations of phones, type of transmissions and complicated lingos to describe all the tech behind a cellphone.  This article was begging to be written. It really breaks down into 4 major…

What’s the difference between in Memory Cards?


How to “Photoshop” your Picture.


Speech Recognition for Personal Productivity.

Specifically for personal use. For 1. it takes you saying something.  Ever try talking to a computer in public?  “Customer Service” .. “Cusssstooomer Serrrrrvice!!!!” Yea.. don’t work. However at home privately, heck yea.  I could easily use speech recognition for things like browser…

Is there any Difference between $5 and $100 Earphones?

Not really. Fidelity will be the primary factor that will have an effect. Fidelity being the waveform generated by the earphones will be closer to actual sound thus sounding clearer while lowend makes a rough copy. The biggest difference is in not price…

How do I Use a Thumb Drive?

Greatest Nurds of All Time.

Not in any particular order… Nikola Tesla : Greatest technology inventor in modern times.  Created the AC electrical system every single house in the world uses.  Spoke about the cellphone and created one of the best designed electric motors.  We have yet to…

How they made Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Every summer, Hollywood goes big. Big stars. Big budgets and huge visual effects. This summer’s technology is more spectacular than ever. We went behind the scenes to see how magic is made in 2018. How to make a dinosaur,  by David Vickery, VFX…

What’s Remote Desktop? VNC?