How to backup your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail type services.


Our intestinal microbiome influences metabolism — through the immune system

Study teases out how 'good bacteria' keep us metabolically fit Date: June 21, 2018 Source: Boston Children's Hospital Summary: The innate immune system, our first line of defense against bacterial infection, has a side job that's equally important: fine-tuning our metabolism. The fruit…

Speech Recognition for Personal Productivity.

Specifically for personal use. For 1. it takes you saying something.  Ever try talking to a computer in public?  “Customer Service” .. “Cusssstooomer Serrrrrvice!!!!” Yea.. don’t work. However at home privately, heck yea.  I could easily use speech recognition for things like browser…

How do I Setup a Home Security System?


Android’s malware problem is growing exponentially

*Android’s malware problem is growing exponentially* I *strongly* recommend you add at least these two fantastic malware/virus protection to your android phone. It works extremely well with no adverse affect in phone’s functionality: These are links for Android Market Lookout*

The Ultimate Wareable

Probably not implanted but drawn / projected onto your skin/surface.  Very kool…

What is a Tablet or an iPad Really Good For?

Tablets and iPads are all the rage but do you really need one or just want one?  And what are they really good for? Tablets and iPads alike are mostly good for consuming.  Meaning you get search, acquire, consume information/media than you would…

Greatest Nurds of All Time.

Not in any particular order… Nikola Tesla : Greatest technology inventor in modern times.  Created the AC electrical system every single house in the world uses.  Spoke about the cellphone and created one of the best designed electric motors.  We have yet to…

WildWildWord of Tech Acronyms

0–9 #!—Shebang /.—Slashdot 1GL—First-Generation Programming Language 1NF—First Normal Form 10B2—10BASE-2 10B5—10BASE-5 10B-F—10BASE-F 10B-FB—10BASE-FB 10B-FL—10BASE-FL 10B-FP—10BASE-FP 10B-T—10BASE-T 100B-FX—100BASE-FX 100B-T—100BASE-T 100B-TX—100BASE-TX 100BVG—100BASE-VG 286—Intel 80286 processor 2B1Q—2 Binary 1 Quaternary 2FA—Two-factor authentication 2GL—Second-Generation Programming Language 2NF—Second Normal Form 3GL—Third-Generation Programming Language 3GPP—3rd Generation Partnership Project—’3G comms…

What’s Remote Desktop? VNC?