Difference between an iPad and other “Pads” / Tablets

So you’re interested in getting a tablet or an iPad or just interested. So are a lot of people. There are basically two camps:Apple and Google. Where Apple makes and directly sells/supports and provides all technical support including applications through their Apple App…

WildWildWord of Tech Acronyms

0–9 #!—Shebang /.—Slashdot 1GL—First-Generation Programming Language 1NF—First Normal Form 10B2—10BASE-2 10B5—10BASE-5 10B-F—10BASE-F 10B-FB—10BASE-FB 10B-FL—10BASE-FL 10B-FP—10BASE-FP 10B-T—10BASE-T 100B-FX—100BASE-FX 100B-T—100BASE-T 100B-TX—100BASE-TX 100BVG—100BASE-VG 286—Intel 80286 processor 2B1Q—2 Binary 1 Quaternary 2FA—Two-factor authentication 2GL—Second-Generation Programming Language 2NF—Second Normal Form 3GL—Third-Generation Programming Language 3GPP—3rd Generation Partnership Project—’3G comms…

Do I Really Need to Tweet with Twitter?


Desktop or Laptop?

The days of desktop computers are over. The only reason why anyone now would need a desktop is if they need that extra horsepower or have great demand on external peripherals.  Or want to save a few dollars.  But little do they know those…

How do I Use a Thumb Drive?

What’s Connected TV?

Setting up a Complete Home Network.


Attacking Private Networks from the Internet with DNS Rebinding

TL;DR Following the wrong link could allow remote attackers to control your WiFi router, Google Home, Roku, Sonos speakers, home thermostats and more. The home WiFi network is a sacred place; your own local neighborhood of cyberspace. There we connect our phones, laptops,…

What is the difference between 3G, 4G and LTE?

HSPA LTE CDMA WiMAX…huh? There is so much confusion on cellular network, generations of phones, type of transmissions and complicated lingos to describe all the tech behind a cellphone.  This article was begging to be written. It really breaks down into 4 major…

How to setup your own website.

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