Rude Behavior Can Spread Like a Virus

Rude co-workers don’t just affect everyone at the office — they also have a broader impact on their community through a ripple effect that can even travel to other businesses. That’s the finding of new research from Baylor University, which suggests that stress…

iPhone/iPod/iPad Must have Apps.

what could they be? News: Feedly Bloomberg Google: Google Apps Google Latitude Google Authenticator Places Translate Voice Security: Find iPhone Fun: Pocket Pond SketchBookX Solitaire Photo: Instagram Gorillacam PS Express Photosynth

Desktop or Laptop?

The days of desktop computers are over. The only reason why anyone now would need a desktop is if they need that extra horsepower or have great demand on external peripherals.  Or want to save a few dollars.  But little do they know those…

The Future Described by Cornings.

Makes sense… everything becoming slate/tablet oriented. This future isn’t too far away.  Love this video.

How can I Watch and Listen to my Media around the House?

Do I Need Multiple Routers?

if you have things that are on all the time that needs the network i.e. IP security cameras or a file server. Then you should. Also if you have a lot of people on it like 4 or more. For both security and…

How to setup your own website.

hosting domain

How to “Photoshop” your Picture.


How do I Setup a Home Security System?


How to backup your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail type services.