How to Connect to Google’s Wifi Secure. To connect to GoogleWiFiSecure, create a new network connections profile with the following settings: SSID: GoogleWiFiSecure (case-sensitive) WPA/WPA2 – Enterprise EAP type: EAP-PEAP or EAP-TTLS Encryption method: AES (preferred) or TKIP Authentication Protocol: MS-CHAP-V2 or CHAP Trusted Server Name for Authentication:

Do I Really Need to Tweet with Twitter?


Quantum dot white LEDs achieve record efficiency

Novel approach to white LEDs could lead to more energy-efficient lighting Date: July 12, 2018 Source: The Optical Society Summary: Researchers have demonstrated nanomaterial-based white-light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that exhibit a record luminous efficiency of 105 lumens per watt.   Researchers created nanomaterial-based white…

Upload speeds of 3G, 4G, LTE and HSPA

Of course everything depends on how good your connection is.  If you have a decent 3-4 bars out of 5, you’re in a good spot.   Stand still Don’t move!! So once you have a decent connection how long does images take to upload…

Is it possible to never get Malware?

No. BUT.. just like you can protect the best you can from a cold or a flu. Can always get vaccinated/inoculated for specific things.

The Internet is Making You a Hoarder.

People just don’t realize how big 1GigaByte really is yet alone you typically now get 500GB  HDD on your laptop.   With that much space, and with such easy access to everything via the web.  It’s easy to hoard everything from downloaded applications…

Is it an iPhone or Android?! I don’t care! I WANT ONE!

Seriously…   I want one. It’s an Android Froyo 2.2 skinned to look like iPhone4 and wow.. not only does it look like an iPhone4 but it runs and is smooth as iPhone4. That is some great hacking! But then.. me thinks there is no…

How can I Automate my Home?

Yes? I mean seriously.. how?

Must Watch Movies for Entrepreneurs.

Must see movies for Entrepreneurs! There are some movies that seem to convey how an Entrepreneur is “born” or discovered.   Here’s a short list of movies currently out on DVD’s you can watch, learn and most of all.. get inspired!! One set are…

Simpliest Smartphone App in the world and how you can Create it!

html5 based hello world with ROI