How to sell yourself in 30 seconds and leave people wanting more

The elevator pitch can be harder than it seems. Selling yourself quickly and efficiently is key when you meet someone new. But crafting and delivering a solid elevator pitch can be harder than it seems. We asked marketing strategist Dorie Clark for her…

How can I Automate my Home?

Yes? I mean seriously.. how?

View Websites on Android in Full Desktop view

While more and more websites are becoming more mobile friendly with mobile version of their sites.  Most are lacking due to extreme limitations of display size and since we don’t normally surf in mobile mode on our desktops.  It can be very frustrating…

Setting up a Complete Home Network.


Differences Between Android Tablets?

There are a million different Android based tablets from 4" to soon to be coming 14" or greater?  Really? But just as there are different sizes there are just as many in differences between them in function, quality and more importantly price!  So…

How do I Make My Own Website?

Like this one…. Well, that’s not an easy thing to do.  That’s probably why some of these other services where one can drag-n-drop website creation services are booming.    But of course their capabilities are very limited both in functionality and expandability. But…

iPhone/iPod/iPad Must have Apps.

what could they be? News: Feedly Bloomberg Google: Google Apps Google Latitude Google Authenticator Places Translate Voice Security: Find iPhone Fun: Pocket Pond SketchBookX Solitaire Photo: Instagram Gorillacam PS Express Photosynth

The Ultimate Wareable

Probably not implanted but drawn / projected onto your skin/surface.  Very kool…

How Does a Browser work?

Here is an over the top explanation you may never fully understand… How Browsers Work    

The Internet is Making You a Hoarder.

People just don’t realize how big 1GigaByte really is yet alone you typically now get 500GB  HDD on your laptop.   With that much space, and with such easy access to everything via the web.  It’s easy to hoard everything from downloaded applications…