How can I Protect My Children from the Web?

How Does a Browser work?

Here is an over the top explanation you may never fully understand… How Browsers Work    

How can I have Multiple Monitors?

Possible link found between diabetes and common white pigment

Date: June 20, 2018 Source: University of Texas at Austin Summary: In a pilot study, crystalline particles of titanium dioxide — the most common white pigment in everyday products ranging from paint to candies — were found in pancreas specimens with Type 2…

Dimensions of Various Smartphones, Tablets and iPads.

It’s minor but still important to compare sizes of the devices you maybe considering. Remember that even little differences particularly in weight can have an effect when you’re holding it or carrying it!

Is it an iPhone or Android?! I don’t care! I WANT ONE!

Seriously…   I want one. It’s an Android Froyo 2.2 skinned to look like iPhone4 and wow.. not only does it look like an iPhone4 but it runs and is smooth as iPhone4. That is some great hacking! But then.. me thinks there is no…

Best way to Organize Documents & Pictures?

An average person has over 35,000 pictures since the dawn of the digital camera. Wasn’t a problem when it was only few hundreds the last time you looked at it but now.. it’s 35,000!!!   What to do!! Several ways to organize your…

Pairing Think Outside BT Keyboard with Android or iPhone

Simplest of endeavors can sometimes be the hardest, strangely enough.  The procedure outlined here is the same for all other Bluetooth Keyboard pairing.   In the case of Think Outside keyboard, steps are important to be followed their order for the pairing to work.…

How can I Watch and Listen to my Media around the House?

How can I Encrypt my Files?