Upload speeds of 3G, 4G, LTE and HSPA


Of course everything depends on how good your connection is.  If you have a decent 3-4 bars out of 5, you’re in a good spot.   Stand still Don’t move!! So once you have a decent connection how long does images take to upload…

Dimensions of Various Smartphones, Tablets and iPads.


It’s minor but still important to compare sizes of the devices you maybe considering. Remember that even little differences particularly in weight can have an effect when you’re holding it or carrying it!

Differences Between Android Tablets?


There are a million different Android based tablets from 4" to soon to be coming 14" or greater?  Really? But just as there are different sizes there are just as many in differences between them in function, quality and more importantly price!  So…

What’s Difference Between iPads and Tablets?


There are basically two kinds of tablets: iPad by Apple and Android tablets based on Google’s mobile OS but manufactured by someone else.   Late entry is Microsoft’s Surface tablets based on Windows 8 not yet on the market.  So what’s the difference?  Plenty…

Android needs some continuity in their UI.


There is something to be said about familiarity and that’s not having to rediscover something you don’t need to. Case and point: Android’s ever revolving UI design. The latest being code name: Ice Cream aka version 4.0 of Android has yet a new…

Pairing Think Outside BT Keyboard with Android or iPhone

Simplest of endeavors can sometimes be the hardest, strangely enough.  The procedure outlined here is the same for all other Bluetooth Keyboard pairing.   In the case of Think Outside keyboard, steps are important to be followed their order for the pairing to work.…

What is a Tablet or an iPad Really Good For?


Tablets and iPads are all the rage but do you really need one or just want one?  And what are they really good for? Tablets and iPads alike are mostly good for consuming.  Meaning you get search, acquire, consume information/media than you would…

Android’s malware problem is growing exponentially

*Android’s malware problem is growing exponentially* I *strongly* recommend you add at least these two fantastic malware/virus protection to your android phone. It works extremely well with no adverse affect in phone’s functionality: These are links for Android Market Lookout*

Who is the Kindle Fire marketed to?

Me thinks the Kindle Fire is targeted to women.. not men. 7″ is ideal purse size, its primary function is still a eReader but now can do video too. web/email is ancillary to its eReader function. Smart. A 7″ Kindle Fire that can…

Do I Need a Tablet or an iPad?


Tablets are all the rage nowadays and rightfully so.   Computing devices have evolved nicely from big desktops to laptops to smartphone then realized smartphones are too small thus the tablet/iPad. *From here on out the word: Tablet will encompass Apple’s iPad as well.…